These days, customers have high expectations. They expect everything they order through e-commerce websites to reach at their doorstep as soon as possible. And they also expect to be able to track their packages and have them delivered according to their instructions. Basically, customers expect 100% complete satisfaction!

Delivery Management Software: Bringing E-commerce, Delivery Management, and Customer Expectations Together
Delivery Management Software: Bringing E-commerce, Delivery Management, and Customer Expectations Together

Expectations are easy to form, but achieving them is a difficult task. As a result, delivery businesses are working behind the scenes to get to the top of the intricate delivery process as soon as possible.

Customers who want to buy things online and have them delivered to their door have made delivery management software (DMS) like EasyRoutes a must-have for companies.

Before the internet, traditional purchase procedures did not necessitate quick systems to handle hundreds of packages per day. With the ongoing flux of rising demand for rapid and exact deliveries and enterprises moving their focus to this technique of marketing, the need for delivery management software has become important.

By automating processes that were previously done by hand, delivery management software reduce delivery times. Delivery management software have also made it easier to monitor and control activities from a single location, decreasing the risk of human error or fraudulent behaviour.

Businesses also benefit from DMS’s cost-cutting capabilities. Businesses have effectively saved money on time and planning by using DMS, allowing them to invest in areas that yield larger returns.

In a world where individuals buy a variety of things online, some of which are essential and others which aren’t, fast deliveries are key to the trend’s success. If it weren’t for distribution management software and their efficient procedures, the world’s population would not have relied on this method of obtaining goods.

Consider these statistics:

  • 56 percent of internet shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34 want same-day delivery.
  • Consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery, with 61% saying they would.
  • Same-day delivery, according to 49% of shoppers, motivates them to shop online.
  • In 96 percent of cases, customers take “quick delivery” to mean “same-day delivery.”
  • According to the report, 80% of purchasers want their purchases delivered the same day, and 61% want them delivered within 1-3 hours of placing an order.
  • More than a quarter of online buyers would abandon their carts if same-day shipping wasn’t available.
  • The top two reasons for selecting same-day delivery at checkout are that the consumer requires the item right now (50%) or that the same-day delivery option is free (29%)

E-commerce businesses, delivery management, and client expectations are all bridged by Delivery Management Software (DMS). A DMS automates the entire delivery process, including packing, route optimization, sharing of routes, as well as customer tracking and notifications.

EasyRoutes is the Best Delivery Management Software

Delivery Management Software like EasyRoutes enables e-commerce businesses to offer complete transparency and visibility of the entire process in real-time, allowing them to reach a larger customer base. It also handles logistics and driver assignment, allowing business owners to focus solely on growth and customer support.

Have you ever wanted to be a successful e-commerce business and grow your reach, but delivery has proven to be a roadblock? Consider that roadblock removed with EasyRoutes delivery management software. Our app has successfully served a number of e-commerce businesses that have started doing their own deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What can you expect when using EasyRoutes by Roundtrip? Increased number of deliveries, increased route planning accuracy, optimal resource utilization, efficient real-time tracking, lowered turnaround time, and, most crucially, a decrease in the number of delayed deliveries. EasyRoutes empowers you to optimize your operations and achieve new heights of success for your delivery business.

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