Apple Maps Route Planner, as all iPhone users are aware, is the iPhone’s own mapping application. It was first released in 2012 as a replacement for Google Maps as the default maps app. Despite receiving a lot of criticism at first, Apple Maps has been slowly adding changes to address the feedback. The organization is working to improve the customer experience, and the product’s quality is gradually improving.

The aim of this article is to determine whether or not these updates and feature categories will become favorites among delivery drivers. Would it, in other words, be a viable option? Is it compatible with other products? Why mapping app is the most beneficial? Let’s take a look!

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Overview of Apple Maps

Apple is the most profitable business in the world at the time of writing this paper. They’ve accomplished this by developing a fantastic framework and platforms for a large range of users. Their Apple-obsessed audience swears by their goods. Apple invented a number of smartphones and app enhancements, including the smartphone, iOS, the tablet, Siri, and several more. They created innovative products and were the first to use the “design-centric approach” to provide an exceptional user experience.

As a result of this strategy, the iPhone group and anyone who owns an iPhone always wishes to use the iPhone’s default feature, such as safari. Google Maps is one notable exception. Google Maps has more scope, expertise, and data than other mapping services. As a result, it is widely regarded as the most common maps app for getting directions or the primary navigation app.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that Apple’s maps app has to offer:

  • Transit Information: Apple has a section dedicated to public transportation, including schedules and directions, so you can get the details you need to catch the bus. They can connect to other apps if they don’t support transit in your neighborhood.
  • Supported Devices: One of the tool’s standout features is that you can use it on any of your Apple devices (Mac, iPad, and iPhone).
  • Points of interest for local searches: You will get tips on interesting places to visit as a pit stop, such as your favorite coffee shop, hotels, restaurants, family gathering spots, and more. You can also save locations and link them to people.
  • Integration with Siri: The Siri integration is a unique function that is only available in this map app.
  • Getting Around: Different views, road waypoints, distance, turns, excellent audio guidance, road alternatives, 3D cities and buildings view, breakdown of moves, address information, and more are included in the navigation functionality.

What are the features that delivery drivers need?

can delivery drivers use apple maps route planner?

Delivery drivers have unique requirements that must be met. This has already been discussed in the article below.

We’ll do a fast rundown of the essential features available for this form of application in this article:

  • The ability to add multiple stops: A delivery person can usually make ten or more stops per day. It is important to be able to add several stops in order to get to the client faster.
  • Traffic Data in Real-Time: It is important to have traffic information. A delivery driver needs to stay as far away from traffic jams as possible.
  • Easy Data Import: A driver who makes several stops must enter a large number of addresses. If a computer provides fast ways to import this data, the arrival time is improved. In an ideal world, a good route planner like EasyRoutes will be directly incorporated with your orders, eliminating the need for this move. It’s excruciating to work with spreadsheets!
  • Delivery notes: A great app would also provide a way for you to add notes to orders with additional instructions for drivers. For example, maybe the driver needs to drop the package off at the back door. You could add that as a delivery note.
  • The ability to edit routes: It is important to be able to make adjustments on the fly. With news of an urgent delivery, the journey could take an unexpected turn. Coworkers can provide you with information that requires you to alter your route and the order in which you visit the locations.

Is Apple Maps useful for delivery businesses?

apple maps route planner vs easyroutes route planner

The short answer is that Google Maps is the most effective free route planner. The explanation for this is that Apple is unable to provide the required functionalities for delivery services. It does not, for example, allow you to add several stops, nor does it include traffic information or allow you to change routes. There are some advantages. For example, you can save addresses and add favourites addresses to your device’s contacts.

How do I plan a route on Apple Maps?

It’s easy to design a route using Apple Maps. It works by simply typing or selecting the desired destination location. After that, Apple Maps will show driving directions from your current location.

Does Apple Maps include a Route Planner?

EasyRoutes can route multiple stops. Apple Maps cannot.
EasyRoutes can route multiple stops. Apple Maps cannot.

This feature is available in Apple Maps. The route is designed to get you from your starting point to the next position as quickly as possible. It can map out a route between two points. Routes with multiple destinations or points are currently not supported. To do that you will need something more advanced like EasyRoutes.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Google Maps is the way to go if you want to get directions on a map. Cupertino’s team has been hard at work improving their app. Despite its attractive design and numerous useful features, this edition of Google Maps cannot (yet) compete with Google Maps (some even say they are catching up). This engineering behemoth can never be underestimated; they have previously shown technological and software breakthroughs. We hope you found this article helpful or interesting. If there’s something else we can do for you, please let us know!